At Andrew's we love to share our passion for books with all our customers through quality service, keen knowledge and a wide range of titles. We're for the avid book lover, the new reader and everything in between!


 It is hard to believe that all this began with two boxes of old books Andrew found under his parents house in early 1977. He sold those books at the Wantirna Trash and Treasure Market for the princely sum of $12.


Andrew has many fond memories of his time at the markets, “I remember selling books on modern Australian art to Clifford Pugh, and having his wife Marlene let out a scream when she came across a portrait of herself in one of them. On another occasion I was at the markets at Latrobe University when ‘Men at Work’ were playing one of their first gigs in the union building”


In 1981 Andrew opened up his first shop, in Ringwood, and began his push for street retailing. Andrew recalls, “In our first week we put several tables outside the shop, which attracted a lot of customers, but at the time councils didn’t allow retailers or coffee shops to have tables on the footpath, so we were forced to shut them down.” It was the same story in 1983, when Andrew opened a store in Ivanhoe, where a council officer had told him “You’ll never be allowed tables outside the store.” This didn’t deter Andrew, and after repeated requests was granted the first street trading licence for retailing goods in Banyule. Over the next 35 years Andrew has seen an explosion in the level of street trading across Melbourne.

In March 2020, Andrew and his wife Helene felt it was time to close up shop and retire from the bookshop business. Even though you can no longer visit us in person, keep an eye out for Helene Reads - an exciting continuation of the heart of Andrew's Bookshop - book talk! 

We've loved being your local bookshop for so many years and being 'always worth a browse.'

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"Just wanted to say thank you to the staff member who recommended I read The Princess Bride today. It's brilliant, exactly what I was after, I can hardly put it down. It's so nice to still have an actual book shop to visit."

 Carolyn via Facebook