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It was Andrew's Bookshop that first introduced footpath trading into Ivanhoe - and Main Street has never been the same since! To enhance the experience even further - and to fit in all our books, we're currently in the midst of establishing a 'parklet' infront of our shop! It'll be a lovely spot for some outdoor browsing and the place to be seen (of course!). Since their invention in San Francisco, parklets have become a great way to utilise space and cultivate community. We can't wait to bring this to Ivanhoe for you to enjoy.

Click the photos for more information about Reveille Coffee, Rapha (image

courtesy of New York Times) or Luna Rienne Art Gallery Parklets in San Francisco.

If you're interested in parklets, check out pavementtoparks.org


Andrew's Books is currently seeking franchisees to operate mobile bookshops. These franchises give you the opportunity to work for yourself, using fully tested systems, and benefiting from the support and branding of being part of Andrew's Books.

The mobile bookshops are enclosed, waterproof and secure trailers with doors that open up and shelves that slide out to beautifully display books. These trailers can move easily to various retail locations such as markets, festivals and shopping strips.

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Andrew operating a mobile bookshop at Federation Square